Boston Tournament – Men D2

The division two tournament was a good tournament for the mens team to play two full court games. The division two team faced off with New York City 3 in the first game who beat them twice in White Plains and in the title game at Nationals in 2017. Boston came out strong in the first half with Boston confusing New York’s defense with two pivots in the attack. New York scored in the closing minute of the half only for Jens to answer with a goal as time was expiring from 12 meters outs to give Boston the 4 goal advantage at the half. NYC3 battled back and had an opportunity to tie the game with a man down and the ball with over a minute left in the game, but they couldn’t find an opening through the Boston defense. Walter sealed the win with a fast break goal to secure the win for Boston. Boston had a strong game defensively and minimized their turnovers in their win over NYC3. NYC3 then played a mix team of D1 players, D2 players, and Mike from NYAC. Even Nader came out of retirement to lace up his shoes and play pivot for the team. Boston pulled away from a tired NYC3 team with a number of fastbreak goals and strong defense. Boston’s D2 team then scrimmaged the mix team after the mix team’s win over NYC3. The D2 team held their own and the advantage for much of the first half. The mix team fought back and took the lead with fast break goals off of one on one shots from the 8 to 9 meter mark. There were also some misses from six meters that could have helped D2’s cause. All in all, it was a great way to spend the holiday weekend.

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