Boston Team Handball is a 501(c)(3) that is committed not only to promoting and developing the Olympic sport of team handball in the Boston-area, but also in giving back to the community. We hope to instill the club’s values of fair-play, teamwork, respect, responsibility, and good sportsmanship to all participants of BTH programs, from our competitive club teams to our youngest youth & development clinic participants.

Our goal with sponsorships is to help make this sport more accessible to everyone, to support our competitive teams, and to train the next generation of handball players in the Boston Area.

We, at Boston Team Handball, can provide your business with excellent visibility through our digital assets (social media pages & website), BTH-organized events, and national exposure as the team travels to tournaments throughout the season including USA Team Handball’s Club Nationals in May. Below you will find a breakdown of our sponsorship tiers:

What does it mean to sponsor Boston Team Handball Club?

The club can use your help in multiple ways. Your sponsorship can help us cut some of the costs for our players and club needs, making the club accessible to more people and growing its influence in the City of Boston.

Below is a brief list of what that may entail:

  • $10 – Stickum/Resin/Glue
  • $28 – One (1) New Ball
  • $48 – New Practice Jerseys
  • $75 – Gym Rental For One (1) Practice
  • $400 – Send One (1) Player to Nationals
  • $800 – New Set of Game Jerseys
  • $1400 – New Set of Goals

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Have some more questions? Please contact us! 

Season 2021-2022 Sponsors

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