BTH 20th Anniversary Gear

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are raising money to promote the development of team handball in the Greater Area of Boston. Get your gear today and contribute for the growth of the sport in our community!

*Shipping outside the US available for all items!

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BTH Cookbook

To celebrate 20 years of BTH we also have put together a cookbook for you to enjoy.

We have been blessed to have players from 5 of the 7 continents play for BTH at one point. We have learned about each other’s heritage and culture during our time together.

This cookbook is one way to share our heritage with our teammates, past and present. There are 30 different recipes for you to try out. I hope that these recipes remind you of your teammates and time in Boston.

BTH Cookbook_Page_01

BTH stickers

Here's your chance to show your pride for Boston Team Handball anywhere you go with these awesome vinyl stickers. You can add them to your car, to your favorite water bottle, or your laptop. They are waterproof and can last for 5 years outdoors. 3" stickers are good for water bottles and your laptop while the 4' sticker is good for your car.